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Downloadable Staff Rota Excel Template for Shift Managers

Manage Your Next Staff Rota Efficiently and Easily with This Downloadable Staff Rota Template

As soon as you have downloaded your template you can get started with your shift management. Save a spare copy of the file, just in case you make a mistake in your working file. After the file is opened you will need to “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” in order to make changes and allow totals to calculate.


There is a sheet titled, “about” which tells you how to use the document.

Entering Staff and Shifts

The Staff Rota Manager has two main screens:

1.The Employee Management Screen (left image) and,

2.The Shift Management Screen, (right image).

The employee management screen is used when the user starts a new shift rotation for the week. WARNING: this will empty the cells currently in the shift rotation table. The shift management screen is used when the user wants to edit the data currently in the sheet.

Step 1: Select which screen manager to use. Note: the Employee Manager will automatically initiate the Shift Manager when employee management is complete.

Employee Manager Screen:

The list on the left is based on the data in the workbook when it opens. Use the “>>” button to bring employees into this week’s employee list. Add employees using the text boxes and the “Add” button. Make sure to enter in the date for the week in the text box at the bottom left. Then select the Finalize button.

Shift Manager Screen:

The list on the left comes from this week’s employees list. Fill in the form based on the following definitions to set shifts:

  • Shift Start: Start of this employee’s shift
  • Shift End: End of this employee’s shift
  • Shift Location: Location in restaurant where this employee’s shift will occur. (Note: if a different location is desired than is on the list in the drop down, simply type in a new value in the drop down list. It will be applied accordingly.)
  • Break (checkbox): Identify whether a break is assigned to this employee
  • Break (drop down): If checked, identify length of the break
  • Split Shift (checkbox): Identify whether this employee has a split shift during the work day.
  • Select which employees this shift applies to.
  • Select which days of the week this shift applies to.
  • Select Apply button to input shift. Note: if there is a shift already in that slot, the program will ask whether to override or keep the shift.


The Staff Rota Manager is easy to use. I am not a techie and picked it up quickly without reading the instructions, but instructions are there nonetheless. This is a low cost and efficient way to run your rotas and is probably useful for up to about 20/30 employees.

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