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Professional CV Evaluation Service

Struggling to Get Interviews? Find out why with my 48hr turnaround Professional CV Evaluation Service

I will review and critique your CV and give you advice on layout, presentation, and most crucially on how to target your content to suit your target market.

Also, being a HR and recruiting professional with 16 years experience, I have lots of insider tips and tricks that can give you an edge over the competition.

Research shows that recruiters spend just 60 seconds deciding if a CV is a 'fit' or 'no fit', meaning that your CV must be fast-acting and highly impactful. In my experience, most are not.

My CV Evaluation Service can help you to create a fast-acting and high-impact CV that hits the recruiter right between the eyes!

What my Professional CV Rating and Review Service includes

After you have provided me with an idea of your target role and type of business, I will constructively review your CV within 48 hours, giving you advice on:

  1. Whether your CV is fast-acting and makes a powerful impact within 60 seconds
  2. Whether your personal profile has been optimized and, if not, how to optimize it
  3. Red flags in your CV/Resume that could be causing your CV to be rejected immediately, and how to address them, e.g. how to present periods of unemployment, returning to work after a break, being fired etc...
  4. Whether your CV presents achievements clearly and effectively enough and how to fix this
  5. Whether your experience and education is suited to your target roles
  6. Presentation: layout, structure, length, font, ease of navigation/pinpointing information
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