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9 Essential Steps To Prepare For Interview

Written by An Experienced HR Professional, This Guide Optimizes Your Interview Performance, and increases your chance of being hired, by enabling you to both pre-empt and prepare for questions that you are likely to be asked, and shows you how to answer those questions in the most optimal way.

How This Guide Will Benefit You

  1. It will show you how to provide optimal answers to behavioural format questions which is the most challenging and most popular interview question format.
  2. It will also provide you with a model answer to a behavioural interview question, allowing you to perfectly hone your responses.
  3. It will show you how to do detailed background research on your employers so you come across as a highly engaged candidate who really wants to work for their business.
  4. It will show you how to do detailed back ground research on your hiring manager and interviewers to help you build a rapport with them, increasing your chance of being hired.
  5. It will show you how to use the job description to predict what questions will most likely be asked so you can target your preparation.
  6. It will show you how to develop pertinent questions to ask the employer during interview that will actually enhance your reputation.
  7. It will show you how to address the 4 most common career red flags which are: gaps in employment, being currently unemployed, having being fired previously, and job hopping.


  1. Establishing the vital statistics & critical information about the potential employer.
  2. Establishing absolute clarity on the key elements of the role.
  3. Establishing the essential skill requirements.
  4. Structured Interviewing and Behavioural Questioning
  5. Establishing some of the likely interview questions
  6. Establishing questions for you to ask at interview
  7. Background researching your interviewer and using the information gathered to your advantage
  8. Prepare for Aptitude Tests by Practising Them.
  9. Dealing with difficult questions about a compromised employment history

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